Tabletop Tuesday: Painting Canine Remains [Malifaux]

Continuing my painting spree through the last few Ressurrectionist models, I’ve finished my Canine Remains. Ideal objective-runners and general harrassment models, these guys were a nice break from painting the (relatively speaking) more human models of the crew. They’re simple models, but rather fun to paint.

IMGP2284There’s not really much to say about these guys, really. I pretty much just worked my way up through increasingly light colours of brown, drybrushing the models to make the most of their fur. I started with P3 battlefield brown, before using Citadel Mournfang brown, Doombull brown and Bestial brown before giving the model a Nuln oil wash to dull the colours and help bring out the detail.

Any exposed bones were picked out in P3 Hammerfall khaki before being highlighted with Games Workshop’s Dheneb stone. The exposed bits of flesh were done in my usual Mechrite Red, followed by Blood Red and finally a Hormagaunt purple wash. As odd as it sounds, purple wash is great for gore to help add an extra player of depth – since purple is essentially a mix of red and blue, it complements the red of the base colour and adds in that extra subtle shade, which works to give the blood that extra depth.

That started out as me talking about why I favour a purple ink wash, and reading it back now it ends up slightly creepy! Moving on… I painted the bases to match the rest of my Malifaux models, flocking them with sand and painting them black before drybrushing them in Codex grey, then Fortress grey. I like this since it’s quite a generic look – the models look like they’d be equally at home in the cobbled streets of downtown as they would on a barren rocky hillside, or on a well-worn gravel trail across the badlands. The teeth were picked out in Dheneb stone, and the Eyes in Ice blue. I wanted to keep them quite muted, and am pretty pleased with the result.

Take care,



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