Malifaux: Painting the Mad Hatter’s harem

Continuing on with painting all my Rezzer models for Malifaux, I’ve painted the remaining three Belles for a grand total of nine.


Group shot. Seamus looks rather pleased with himself!

I’m not sure when I’ll ever want to field nine Rotten Belles at once, though…


The dream place to Lure an enemy model to!

Edit: I feel that I should point out I’m not advocating the idea of taking a crew with nine Belles – I’ve just ended up with nine models, I think as a result of how much I love painting Seamus and having bought his crew box a couple of times. The most Belles I’ve ever run at once is three, so having nine is far more than necessary especially given Seamus’ less-than-stellar summoning abilities!

Take care,



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