Tabletop Tuesday: Painting Malifaux Flesh Constructs

Unfortunately, despite making massive headway at first, my Puppet Wars models have stalled with only three left to paint (Seamus, Pokey Vik and Lady Justice). I know I said I’d be focusing on them to get them fully painted, but I’ve registered for a Malifaux tournament in a couple of weeks and am trying to finish painting all my models in time for it. So, with that in mind I’ve been working on the good doctor McMourning and his crew (sadly at the expense of the puppets, sorry!). First up, the lumbering brutes that are McMourning’s monstrous creations, his Flesh Constructs.

IMGP2257IMGP2260As their name implies, the flesh is the main part of the model so I wanted it to have a good level of depth to lend interest to the model. I started with a base of Army Painter Tanned Flesh, followed by a highlight of their Barbarian Flesh and a final highlight of Barbarian Flesh mixed with Matt White and GW’s Dwarf Flesh. The whole model was then washed with my old favourite, Levato’s Fleshtone Shade.

The only other major part of the model is the metalwork, really. To help it stand out I basecoated it in black, before painting it with Games Workshop’s Boltgun Metal. The piping was picked out in Dwarf Bronze, as were the pipe-things in the headpiece. Finally, the cannister on their back was painted in Boltgun Metal, with the thematic Midnight Blue used for the parts that appeared to be windowed. I rather like the idea of this dark-coloured venom-style elixir pumping into them as needed!

One of the models is carrying an unfortunate victim, who I endeavoured to paint in as muted tones as possible. I’ve learnt in the past the difficulty of painting this sort of model – where the main model is accompanied by another, I find it far better to try to keep the secondary model as muted as possible, so as not to detract focus from the actual model. There’s no point in painting the Guild constable in a more eye-catching scheme than the Wendigo, for example! As such, I kept the man’s clothing quite dark, using Army Painter’s Battlefield Brown for the trousers and a dark mix of their Matt Black and Matt White for his shirt. Both of these were washed with GW’s Nuln Oil to add some easy shading, and quieten the tone even more. Finally, I painted the shoes in Coat d’Arms Rat Brown, and the hair in GW Mournfang Brown with a Nuln Oil wash.

I’m pleased with how these two turned out, and even managed to squeeze the thematic Midnight Blue in there somehow! Next up is a motley pack of Canine Remais, as well as the dual faction doctor himself and his assistant.

Take care,



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