Halloween 2014 – Zombies on a Space Hulk

‘Zombies on a Space Hulk’ – that’d make a great movie title…

This year’s Halloween event at my local club involved a brave group of characters entering an uncharted space hulk, setting off in different directions. It quickly became apparent, though, that they were not alone as hordes of the flesh-eating walking dead started to surge from the darkness!

2014-10-22 20.25.47 2014-10-22 20.25.53Essentially we used the Space Hulk boards with the 40K rules, each selecting a single character of no more than 150pts with the usual restrictions of no 2+ saves, etc. As our characters moved, we rolled on a chart to determine what tile to put down, and how many zombies spawned on it. With only a few hours left in the evening and an ingenious system of each player earning victory points (1 for each 10 zombies killed, 1 for surviving 5 turns in a row, etc.) our bold heroes set off into the darkness of the hulk!

It was a good little scenario, where certain corridors quickly became infested and over-run, forcing certain heroes to back off while those with blast weapons (or daemon-possessed swords!) eagerly leapt into the fray. I ended up choosing my go-to guy in most skirmish games, Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Blake Luther!

2014-10-22 20.31.34

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Blake Luther, kitted out for combat with his power hammer and psyber-eagle.

Despite his very human profile (I can’t deny that there were times I wished I’d gone for a Grey Knight, just for that toughness of 4!), he did pretty well for himself, coming in joint second with two or three other players. The pyschic power Holocaust proved to be a good investment, and he only died once (fulfilling one horror movie trope, I suppose). As ever, it was great fun; and if you’ve got a few like-minded gamer friends and far too many zombie models, I’d really recommend something similar – watching stupid horror b-movies and making up a scenario to play is such fun, especially this time of year :)

Well, I’m off to prepare for an evening of having some friends round for Zombicide and Betrayal At House On The Hill. Should be fun!

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