Tabletop Tuesday: Painting Punk Zombies [Malifaux]

It’s become a sort of tradition that I try and make my posts around Halloween as ‘themed’ as possible. I’m not actually sure why – to me Halloween is nothing more than a great excuse to eat weird foods and meet up with friends to play as many zombie / horror movie themed board games as possible! However, here we go for another year with the new plastic Punk Zombies for Wyrd Miniature’s Malifaux.

I do like Punk Zombies – they’re a good counterpart to my Rotten Belles, and I’ve always thought Seamus likes men too! I’ve had these guys painted and waiting for a while, and have finally managed to snap a couple of shots this morning. I’ve left the background unedited for a change since I’m not sure if the usual edited white and blue is too stark compared to the model, so let me know what you prefer!

IMGP2238 IMGP2247I used a similar method to that used on my Belles for the flesh, albeit working up to a darker colour. Army Painted Tanned Flesh was used for the base, followed by their Barbarian Flesh. I mixed Barbarian Flesh with Games Workshop’s Dwarf Flesh for the next highlight, before washing the whole body in Lavado Flesh Wash. Since the bare torsos are quite a large part of each model I wanted them to stand out and make use of the detail sculpted, and I think this method works pretty well in that regard.

The trousers were kept a plain black colour, while the hair (and the sash on the central zombie) were done in the thematic Midnight Blue from Games Workshop. I’m starting to run low now, so I might need to hunt down another pot or similar colour soon!

I wanted a dull yet bright look for the katanas (that’s the definition of a contradiction in terms right there…). Games Workshop’s Boltgun Metal was used for the base, and their Mithril Silver for the highlights. The katana was then washed in Nuln Oil to dull the otherwise bright silver colour, and Games Workshop’s Mechrite Red was drybrushed on for blood splatters. Any chains, earrings and the like were picked out in silver, and the bases were sanded and painted to match the rest of the crew.

Punk Zombies have been a nice change from painting the more colourful Rotten Belles, and work pretty well alongside them in-game. In other Malifaux news, I’ve been assembling the good doctor Douglas McMourning and his morgue assistants, and have booked myself in to a local Malifaux tournament this November. Looking forward to it already!

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