Puppet Wars and Flesh Constructs

Hi all,

I’ve been a bit quiet on the Puppet Wars Unstitched updates recently, mainly because I’ve been spending pretty much every free moment that’s not eating / sleeping / at the gym painting the little guys! To give you an idea of how close I am, here’s what I’ve still got left to paint:

IMGP2237Just the Masters and their Sidekicks. 24 puppets are fully painted and based, with the remaining twelve in various stages of completion next to me. Despite having last Saturday dedicated to a Warhammer Fantasy seige and being unwell on Sunday, I think I might be on target to have them finished.

In other news, I’ve got my McMourning crew and have been assembling the first Flesh Construct. I’ve balanced him upside-down while gluing him to his victim, and just thought – does anyone else think he looks like he’s doing some rad surfing tricks now?

'I call this move The Bodyboard, heh'

‘I call this move The Bodyboard, heh heh’

I’ve also picked up the board game Zombicide for a gaming session I’m hosting this Halloween, and it looks pretty good so far. I particularly like the idea of the noise tokens, and the different types of zombie. I call Phil for my character!

Take care,



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