Tabletop Tuesday: Puppet Wars progress

Puppet Wars update!

After my previous post, I’ve been doing a lot of work on my Puppet Wars Unstitched game. All of the puppets are now fully assembled and undercoated, with fifteen of them being in various stages of painting. I’ve been trying to stay true to the artwork – I know, I seem to be doing that a lot lately! My reasoning here is that this is a boardgame, and so some of the people I invite to play it might not be Malifaux players themselves. As such, it’ll probably be a little easier for them if the piece they’re scanning the board for is painted the same as the artwork on the card in front of them. I know it would be if I was in that situation, anyway :)

IMGP2228I’ve been making pretty good progress on the bases too, despite a lot of false starts. I wanted the bases to be wood to reflect the floor of Zoraida’s shack, and originally tried some stickyback floorboards intended for a dollhouse. This didn’t work out too well, due to the thickness and rigidity of the wood used, so instead I’ve used the trusty companion of modellers through the years; balsa wood. I traced round a base before cutting it out, gluing it on and sanding down the edges. The wood was then stained with an oak colour wood stain I had left over from some shelves, before being varnished in satin wood varnish from B&Q. I’m very happy with the resulting look, and can’t wait to get my first painted puppets glued onto the bases!

IMGP2218IMGP2220I’ve picked up a can of Army Painter Quickshade to use – since the models will probably get a fair amount of use by other people, I want them to look good but don’t want to invest as much time as I would on a normal Malifaux crew. I’ve never used quickshade before, so I tried it out on a few Thousand Sons last night to try and get a feel for it. As of this morning (maybe twelve, thirteen hours later), they don’t look too bad – though I certainly prefer the finished look when it’s brushed on as opposed to actually dipping the model. It’s come out rather more brown than I expected, so I’m a little wary of using it on the lighter-coloured puppets, however I do want a uniform look across all the puppets. If you’ve used quickshade before please let me know how you find it, and if there’s any secret tricks I should know about! Maybe I should’ve just stuck with Nuln Oil….

Finally, my wife and I had a game a couple of nights ago, which – despite all the pieces having to lie down due to the bases still being WIP and subsequently looking like the laziest puppet war in history – was great fun. I managed to push her back to just one workbench before I over-extended in my eagerness to let Bete Noir out of my Toybox, accidentally giving her Judge a clear run at Seamus – which he promptly took, tearing apart Seamus and winning the game for Lady J! Good fun all round, and I’m looking forward to our next match.

Take care,



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