Painting: Malifaux Nurses

Doctors orders

(C) Wyrd Miniatures

Unfortunately I’ve been quite under the weather recently, with a bad stomach bug followed by a pretty rough cold. Usually I just push through the rare times that I’m unwell, but it seems like my immune system has let me down these last few weeks and I’ve been pretty poorly. However, I reckon I’m through the worst of it now, so it seems appropriate to do a quick post about the latest additions to my Resurrectionists, a pair of Nurses.

IMGP2204IMGP2203I wanted something a bit different to the medical-green scrubs I did for the Nurses back in my old 1.5 crew, and took inspiration from the box art (I seem to be doing that a lot now!) with a white / red colour scheme. It provides a nice contrast, both on the models themselves and in comparison to the rest of the crew, and of course I used some Midnight Blue to tie them in to the rest of my Resurrectionists.

Since the Nurses wear the skin of McMourning’s most beautiful victims, I used the same technique as I did on the Belles to give them a nice light, almost palid tone – albeit with a slightly stronger flesh wash since the Nurses themselves are still alive, even if the skin isn’t!

The main colour was a little daunting since I’m always wary of painting white, but I’m pleased with the end result. Over a black undercoat, I worked up from Games Workshop’s Codex Grey to Fortress Grey, before finishing off with mixes of Fortress Grey and Army Painter matt white. This kept the white quite muted, and the grey bases gave enough depth that it wasn’t ruined by the black undercoat. I did consider using a white undercoat for a change, but I’m far too used to painting on black, and to be honest I just prefer the way models look when undercoated in black. I’ve seen some great models with white undercoats, but it doesn’t really suit my personal style of painting. Plus, the rest of my Malifaux collection is all done with a black undercoat, and it’s nice to have a bit of a darker, gritty look going considering the nature of Malifaux!

In keeping with the muted white, I didn’t want the red to look too bright, and deliberately kept it quite dark. I started with a basecoat of Games Workshop’s Mechrite Red, working up to carefully gentle highlights of Blood Red. The clothes were trimmed in Army Painter matt black to give a bit of additional detail, and I used the thematic Midnight Blue on the tights of one Nurse, and for the hair of the other. Finally, the metal parts of the syringes were painted in Games Workshop Boltgun Metal, and highlighted with their Mithril Silver to give a nice, clean, clinical look. The bases were done to match the rest of the crew.

The Guild seems to have taken over my painting table (for now…), so while I’ve still got a couple of Resurrectionists to post here you can expect some of the forces of, ahem, ‘law and order’ soon.

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4 thoughts on “Painting: Malifaux Nurses

    • Thanks :) I think that white looks better without using pure white – that was the mistake I made with my Necromunda Enforcers (I was trying to do a Star Wars Stormtrooper inspired scheme), so I’ve taken to mixing it with grey for the final highlight nowadays.

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