Brief battle report: Malifaux

A couple of friends and I met up this Wednesday for a short 37-soulstone game of Malifaux (an odd size, I know – it was to accommodate one of us who has a smaller crew than the other two). So, in the ruins of the Slums as they border on the Quarantine zone, Ramos and Rasputina argued over her independence from the Arcanist movement. As tension boiled over and weapons were drawn, a lilting sing-song and laughter from the ruins warned them they were not alone as Seamus and his Belles emerged to join the fight!

m2e seamus

(C) Wyrd Miniatures

To keep things simple and fair, we decided on the Turf War scheme since it seems to keep things fairly even between all three players. The forces were comprised of:

Seamus – Sinister Infamy
Copycat Killer
Madame Sybelle
Rotten Belle
Rotten Belle
Punk Zombie
Punk Zombie

Rasputina – Arcane Reservoir, Shattered Heart, Seize The Day
Ice Golem – Imbued Protection
Ice Gamin
Ice Gamin
Ice Gamin

Ramos – Arcane Reservoir, Bleeding Edge Tech, Under Pressure
Joss – Imbued Energies, Open Current
Howard Langston
Electrical Creation

Ramos made the first move, sending his Electrical Creation forwards before destroying it, using the twisted wreckage to start building two Steam Arachnids. Rasputina, meanwhile, hung back, ordering her icy followers to spread out as the Golem headed towards the M& SU, and the Gamins took towards the Mad Hatter and his ladies. Seamus found himself pinned under the gaze of Joss for most of the turn, resulting in him being unable to use Back Alley and having to walk to get into position instead.

Ramos continued his creative salvage, creating more Steam Arachnids from the wreckage of one, and accompanied by Langston they swarmed towards the centre objective. Seamus, meanwhile, finally found himself comfortably back in the shadows, and promptly jumped around with Back Alley, loosing off a deadly flintlock shot that blew a Gamin apart before retreating back into the darkness. Sybelle led his belles through the ruins, trying to make a line for the centre. The ever-hungry Wendigo stood in their way, though, forcing one of the Belles to Lure it closer, where it was pounced on by both Punk Zombies and cut apart. Rasputina, meanwhile, took to the offensive, throwing spells through her constructs as the Ice Golem lumbered into the field.

Realising too late that he’d wandered too far, Ramos was pounced on by the Ice Golem. His armour took the worst of the blows, and his Steam Arachnids scuttled back to help their master as he used his Magnetism power to escape the combat. Seamus popped out from another alleyway, blowing another Gamin away. His little friend the Copycat Killer tried to emulate his master, using Mistaken Identity to get in range. His shot took out the last Gamin, though the recoil sent him flying backwards into a Belle in the process!

By now Joss had advanced up to support Langston, but found himself distracted as two Belles Lured him into the shadows. Despite being jumped on by Madame Sybelle and both Punk Zombies, he shrugged off most of their blows and survived with two wounds left. A bit of a boon, actually, since Joss gets Reactivate when reduced to his last wound! It got both Punk Zombies in range of the Strategy marker, scoring a third VP at the last moment.

And with that, the game concluded (due to time restraints) in a draw.

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