Tabletop Tuesday: Painting Sybelle and Bete Noir [Malifaux]

This Tabletop Tuesday is the final in my short series of how I painted my M2E Seamus crew, looking at the Madame Mortis, the corpulent cadaver, the dead dame herself, Madame Sybelle.


I used the same techniques I’d used on my Rotten Belles, working up from Army Painter Warpaints Tanned Flesh to a Barbarian Flesh highlight, then mixing it with Games Workshop’s Elf Flesh for another highlight before the final highlight of pure Elf Flesh followed by a liberal wash of Lavado Fleshtone Shade. Given the expanse of area and the depth sculpted in, the wash really helps to bring out the definition of the model, and makes her a great centrepiece to stand out from the Belles.

Her tights were done in Games Workshop’s Midnight Blue to keep the thematic colour running, and I chose to do her corset in purple rather than green – again, this followed the same process as painting the Belle’s dresses. I did paint the feather in her mask in green, though, so she slightly stands out as the only one with both green and purple.

I wanted to keep the whip fairly muted, going for a Mournfang Brown with a simple Badab Black wash to give it an old leather look. The spikes were picked out in boltgun metal, and finally Sybelle’s eyes were done in pure white.

Since my original post, I’ve picked up the new Bete Noir model, so let’s take a look at how I painted her.



Since no-one’s really sure what exactly Bete is, I wanted to go for a contrasting scheme of dark and light. To this end, I painted the skin in the same manner as the Belles, albeing with a lighter final highlight. Her hair was done in a mix of Army Painter Matt Black and GW’s Codex Grey, with the aim of keeping it at an almost-black colour while letting me do a few highlights. Her dress and vambraces were painted in Midnight Blue, with the sash around her waist done in a lighter mix of Matt Black and Codex grey.

The blood trail is a big part of the model, and I wanted to make it stand out a bit. I started with a basecoat of Games Workshop’s Scab Red, working up to Mechrite Red and little highlights of Blood Red before washing the whole lot in a liberal coat of Hormagaunt Purple. It sounds odd, but I’ve found that a purple wash is an ideal alternative to red when it comes to blood – it makes it that little bit darker, and adds a new shade that complements the red while not looking out of place. I feathered it into the Midnight Blue using an old drybrush, to try and make the change in colour as ‘natural’ as possible.

Her knives were painted in Boltgun Metal with slight Mithril Silver highlights, and I had fun picking out her eyes in Matt Black. I think that, on models like Bete, the light and dark contrast of the skin and hair / dress works really well, and I’m pretty happy with how she turned out.

Finally, just a little addition to the crew – I needed something to use as a hat marker for the Fancy Habberdashery upgrade, and didn’t want to use a Monopoly hat this time. Instead, I reckon the old Copycat Killer model is perfectly adequate – since I’ll be using the more distinctive plastic one, the old metal one (complete with the oversized hat he’s emerging from) makes an ideal marker.


I painted him in the same colours I did Seamus (so I won’t go into it all again!), making sure to keep him even more muted – he’s only a marker, after all, and not an actual character!

Well, I hope this has been a fun little insight into how I painted my Shadows of Redchapel box set (and a couple of extra models…). I do have more Resurrectionists to paint, as well as my Sonnia Criid Guild crew, so there will certainly be more Malifaux featured here soon.

Take care,



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