Tabletop Tuesday: Painting Rotten Belles [Malifaux]

Captains are reminded to advise officers under their jurisdiction of the recent spate of killings in the Redchapel district. These are suspected to be the work of the self-styled ‘Mad Hatter’ Seamus, and coincide with the increased sightings of undead in the area.All Guild officers are advised to avoid the area when off-duty, and are prohibited from visiting saloon bars, pleasure houses and opium dens in Redchapel.

Confidential information – not to be shared amongst citizens. Any information leaks will be dealt with personally by the Governor General’s secretary.

* * *

After last week’s look at the man himself, this week I’ll be writing about how I painted my M2E Rotten Belle models.

IMGP2161IMGP2162I wanted a departure from the inhuman blue tones I used for my old metal crew, so deliberately kept a more human skin tone for the Belles this time. I was inspired by the various pieces of background in the books and Wyrd Chronicles that describe them as being able to almost pass for human until you get too close (often fatally!). The skin was based with Army Painter Warpaints Tanned Flesh, followed by a Barbarian Flesh highlight. This was then mixed with a bit of Games Workshop’s Elf Flesh for another highlight, before a final light coat of pure Elf Flesh for the last highlight. I then used my old favourite Lavado Fleshtone Shade for depth. This also helps to dull the colour a bit, which looks good given their undead status. The final result looks human, but a bit paler than it should be, which I’m really happy with. It’s also noticeably paler than the living members of my crew (pretty much just Seamus and the Copycat Killer, really), which is good.

As with Seamus, the dresses were inspired by the box art, and I chose to stick with just two different colours – purple and green – in order to keep some coherency between the models. The purple dresses were based in Games Workshop’s Liche Purple before being highlighted with Army Painter’s Alien Purple. A final highlight of Games Workshop Hormagaunt Purple was used before the whole dress was washed in Games Workshop’s Badab Black – again to add depth and to mute the colours a bit more, since I don’t imagine the Belles take much care of their clothes nowadays!

The green dresses were done with a basecoat of Games Workshop Dark Angels Green, before being highlighted with the more recent Loren Green mixed with a little black. A pure Loren Green highlight was applied, and as before the whole dress was then washed with Badab Black.

The Midnight Blue theme continues on the Belles, prominently on their tights and parasols. I like the fact that they stand out in their own colours, and using the thematic colour on ‘secondary’ main items rather than the dresses themselves helps to tie them in to the rest while retaining their individual look.

Finally, I painted the details such as the parasol handles etc. in Games Workshop Codex Grey mixed with black, and the hair was done in either Mournfang Brown or Doombull Brown before being washed in Badab Black. The hats were done in matt black, with any ribbons, feathers etc. done in the same colour as the dress, and the bases were painted to match the rest of the crew.

Next week will take a look at the matriarch herself, Madame Sybelle. Hope to see you then, and as always it’s great to hear from you so comments are appreciated! :)

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2 thoughts on “Tabletop Tuesday: Painting Rotten Belles [Malifaux]

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