Puppet Wars: Assembling some puppets

I recently picked up Puppet Wars Unstitched, and have spent part of today assembling some of the puppets. I’ve finished my first sprue of pawns, and just had to do a little post on them!

IMGP2148First off, the models are so cute! Wyrd have really done a great job of taking iconic units from Malifaux and turning them into puppets. They’re surprisingly easy to assemble, with some clever joints that help reinforce even flimsy-looking parts. I’ve taken some close-up shots of my favourites so far…

IMGP2154The Rotten Belle was probably a forgone conclusion given my primary Malifaux crew, but it’s a really well-done model. The parasol fits on really well, and with some strong connections so it’s nowhere near as delicate as it looks. Little touches such as the missing eye really make this model.

IMGP2152And on the other side of the law, the Death Marshal! There’s so much to say about this little guy, from the tiny coffin on his back to the slightly-oversized lawman’s star on his belt. Like the Belle, it all just comes together to make a really fun, characterful model.

IMGP2156The Guild Austringer is brilliantly sculpted with a scarecrow theme – even the bird perched on him is a puppet!

IMGP2158The Razorspine Rattler takes a bit of a different approach, and I can’t wait to paint this guy in a mix of steel and brass metallics. My favourite touch is tied between the cogs for eyes and the plug used for his tail.

IMGP2157Finally, the big guy – the Guild Executioner. I forgot to take a shot of his back, which really shines with ‘real world’ items being used such as a broken old pocket watch for the pressure guage on his backpack. I’ll make sure to do all-round shots when he’s painted!

On a completely unrelated note, I’m finally selling my 40K Eldar army. It hasn’t seen the tabletop in so long, so I’d rather it went to a fellow gamer who’ll use it rather than just sit around gathering dust. I’ve put it up on some trading groups, but if any readers are interested just let me know by a comment or the ‘contact me’ form :)

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