Tabletop Tuesday: Shadows in Redchapel [Malifaux] [painting]

Tabletop Tuesday

It’s been a while, but I’m finally getting back into Malifaux. I’m sorry if I’ve been a bit ‘off’ when talking about it previously – my own emotional problems with it are hard for me to talk about, with aspects of the game reminding me of my dad’s death.

Moving on, I’ve finally started to regain my old interest in Malifaux. It is a great system, where the card mechanic works really well in game terms rather than just being a gimick, and the background is very deep and interwoven at this point.




Unlike my old Seamus crew, I went for a more coherent, muted scheme this time, using Midnight Blue as the primary thematic colour without using it as a major colour on any one model. The colours were very much inspired by the box art, with Seamus dressed in a sombre brown suit so he’d (almost) blend into the populace. His iconic belles, on the other hand, are painted in alternate green and purple dresses, with Midnight Blue tights, hats and parasols to tie them together.

I’ll be doing a little series over the next few weeks, with each week’s Tabletop Tuesday going into how I painted certain model(s) in the crew. Hope to see you next week when I’ll be looking at the hatter himself.

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4 thoughts on “Tabletop Tuesday: Shadows in Redchapel [Malifaux] [painting]

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