TF2: My current Soldier loadout

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather recently, and haven’t had the chance to properly prepare anything this week. As such, I’ve dredged up an old Team Fortress 2 Tactica Tuesday draft I never published. I know, it’s not a tabletop game (sorry!), but here we go :)

Despite the release of two new Soldier weapons recently in the form of the Air Strike and the B.A.S.E. Jumper, my go-to Soldier loadout has been sticking with some of the older weapons. A while ago I decided that I was using the Concheror too much, so nowadays my Soldier tends to look like this:

Soldier loadoutI’m trying to balance my Soldier play somewhere between the ‘roamer’ and ‘pocket’ styles, with a loadout that doesn’t corner me into one or the other. With that in mind, I’m currently rolling with the Black Box as my primary, my trusty festive Buff Banner as the secondary, and the Disciplinary Action for the melee slot.

The Black Box’s +15 health on hit attribute helps make me less reliant on Medics or health packs, especially since I’ll often be pushing out by myself before retreating back to the team. The Buff Banner’s just a great secondary in my mind, boosting yourself and anyone nearby to do guaranteed mini-crits when activated. This obviously works particularly well when around team mates, so I’ll often extend a bit by myself to build the charge before falling back to the cart / cap point / team-mates to activate the banner for an offensive punch. Finally, my melee slot only really ever features either the Disciplinary Action or the Escape Plan, and I’ve found the former to be more helpful with this loadout. Since I’ll be trying to hang around my team the extra speed boost for whipping a team-mate is great, and while the Escape Plan is good for pulling back from extending, its Marked for Death attribute makes falling back a bit riskier, and no-one wants to drop a fully charged banner! The extra melee range is a small upside too, helping to compensate (albeit in dire situations!) for that missing rocket compared to stock, even if the damage of the Disciplinary Action itself is lower than Soldier’s other melees.

I do sometimes feel the lack of that fourth rocket and the loss of an offensive secondary, especially if I find myself alone and fighting multiple opponents. The +15 health on hit is nice, but against superior numbers the extra damage of the stock launcher is often more effective, or at least having the reliability of being able to switch to the Shotgun rather than being forced to slowly reload rockets. However, having said that I’m really enjoying this loadout right now, and (with the exception of sometimes switching in the Battalion’s Backup on occasion) don’t see it changing any time soon.

Hopefully I’ll be able to recover in the next few days, and will get back to regular posting. As far as gaming news goes, I was at a charity board gaming event last Sunday which was fantastic, with a great turnout and a good amount of money raised for Prostate cancer UK. My wife and I even managed to win a few board games in the raffle, including Rush ‘n’ Crush, which I for one can’t wait to try!

Take care,



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