‘Bad things happen’ – Malifaux roleplaying

So, today my Malifaux roleplaying game kickstarter arrived :)

2014-08-13 17.56.462014-08-13 17.57.00I supported the kickstarter back over a year ago (I think?), when it was first started by Wyrd. I don’t really play any roleplaying games, but supported them anyway for the background material and because I believe Wyrd are one of the best gaming companies out there today. My pledge rewards included the Fated Almanac and the Fatemaster’s Almanac, a specially made Fate deck, the Miss Terious model and the M&SU M2E crew box. I haven’t had time to look at any of it in detail yet, but the books look brilliant and I’m actually tempted to try and get a few people together to give this a go! The fate deck also looks and feels beautiful – I desparately want to use it in my next game now, but I don’t know if I dare since the cards are so nice!

Seamus and his ladies are looking at me from the painting table, where they’re waiting ready for an undercoat. So while I’m not sure when I’ll next have time to just sit down and paint, it’s looking like Malifaux might finally be returning.

Take care,



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