Tabletop Tuesday: (Painting) Converted Necron Crypteks

Following on from my Tactica Tuesday a few weeks ago, I’ve finally got a couple of models to use as Crypteks since, as nice as the official model is, I honestly can’t justify spending any money on 40K to myself. Plus, I’ve always seen the Cryptek as an infinitely variable character, and one who’s ideal to represent with different or converted models. So this week’s Tabletop Tuesday will just be a quick post looking at my Cryptek models :)

IMGP1852The first one is simply an old Pariah model – I do miss Pariahs since the whole idea of the Necrons genetically manufacturing the ‘next stage’ of human evolution was a good creepy angle. The model’s a bit battered and not in the best condition unfortunately, but he looks good enough. I combined the classic Pariah look, since I like the matt white armour, with my normal Necron paint scheme of blue-washed metal for a chrome / titanium look. I wouldn’t be surprised if they return in our next book, though (whenever that is!), given the emphasis on the psychic phase this edition and their anti-psyker nature.

IMGP1855The second one is my favourite of the two, and converted from a spare Necron Lord I had hanging around. My only worry is that he looks a bit too similar to my Mad Hatter overlord – though I have recently converted an alternate Overlord model who’ll be shown here soon :) This Cryptek was made using an arm from the Destroyer Lord kit, and the top of his Warscythe was replaced with part of a Gauss Flayer. I deliberately kept his paint scheme more muted – partially so he’d fit in with the rest of the unit, and partially so he didn’t stand out too much next to the Mad Hatter!

Seen or done any Cryptek conversions yourself? I think they’re some of the most variable models in the Necron list as far as modelling goes, so would love to see or hear about what other people do with them :)

Take care,



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