Tabletop Tuesday: Epic Armageddon Eldar Aspect Warrior tactica

Tabletop TuesdayThis week’s Tabletop Tuesday takes a look at the elite of the elite, Eldar Aspect Warriors in Epic: Armageddon. Rather than look at each type individually, I’ll be talking about which combinations work well for me, and of course I’d love to hear your own opinions!

First, I’ve always found that Aspects work best when they’re all of the same unit type, rather than mixing-and-matching. For example, taking four Fire Dragons in Wave Serpents alongside four Swooping Hawks on foot just leads to the unit being an easier target due to the mix of vehicles and infantry, allowing AP and AT weaponary to target it with equal relish. When it comes down to the actual aspects, I tend to take a bit of a mix usually to try and confront any situation. Usually this will be two different aspects so as to add some variety to the unit while not diluting it too much.

Dire Avengers and Striking Scorpions, sometimes with Harlequins as well, seem to work pretty well for me. Both the Avengers and the Scorpions can put out two attacks per base when in their optimum position – which, given that they’ll be in speedy Wave Serpents, they should be unless something goes seriously wrong! As the Striking Scorpions have a better armour save of 4+ they’re ideal to take the majority of the hits, and since they will be up front in base-to-base combat this works out pretty well. The Harlequins lend an extra level of versatility to the formation since they work well in base-to-base as well as firefight range, but they do suffer somewhat in the armour department. I don’t find this to be such a problem, personally, since they’ll be behind the Wave Serpent’s 5+ Reinforced most of the time.

Striking Scorpions and Dire Avengers stand out for me due to the weight of firepower they can put out. In Epic: Armageddon, where even a Terminator ‘only’ has a 4+ Reinforced armour save, weight of firepower can often be as devastating as Macro attacks. In this respect, some of the other aspects just don’t measure up for me – most notably the Howling Banshees. Despite having the First Strike special rule, their flimsy armour and 1 attack per stand doesn’t make for a great offensive punch or a particularly efficient combo alongside other aspects. Fire Dragons suffer from the same low attacks and armour, but – being a firefight unit rather than a base contact one – can at least hide behind Striking Scorpions or other more resilient units while they attack. I can never make my mind up about Fire Dragons – while their Macro attack makes them effective against titans and other heavily-armoured units, their firefight value of 4+ means that only 1 in 2 stands will actually hit, and even then the sort of unit you’ll want to target with Macro will almost inevitably have Reinforced Armour for a chance to save themselves from the shot. I always think that I have to be careful to pair any Fire Dragons with durable combat units, and be careful where I use them since they’re far more specialised than other aspects.

Pure Swooping Hawks are about the only time I take an Aspect Warrior formation without Wave Serpent transports. I’ll only use them in larger games of 4-5k +, since they’re quite an expensive unit at 300pts (350 with Exarchs), and can be fairly flimsy. In larger games, they work pretty well as a shock unit to Teleport behind enemy lines, where they can grab the Blitz objective and terrorise artillery positions, as well as potentially providing the opportunity to gain the Crossfire bonus.

What aspects do you find work well together? Let me know in the comments section, I always love to hear other people’s opinions and experiences, and have always said that this series is only my own opinions, not a set-in-stone guide! :)

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One thought on “Tabletop Tuesday: Epic Armageddon Eldar Aspect Warrior tactica

  1. I’m a big fan of dark reapers with their two shots per base, I like taking warp spiders and howling banshees mixed as the dual first strike cc and ff have a good synergy together, and 8 first strike dice van seriously reduce the amount of incoming fire. I will however after reading this article be considering repositioning my wave serpants as mobile fire breaks. Cheers Forget My Tea!

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