[Painting] Necron Overlord

I’ve mentioned my Necron Overlord once or twice before, but I’ve never actually shown him on my WordPress. Since I’m currently playing my Necrons in a 40K campaign my local club’s running, here he is – the self-styled ‘Mad Hatter’.

IMGP1929Most Necrons awoke from their sleep with some faults and idiosyncrasies, and the Overlord of Ankhmakis was no exception. With many files and programs corrupted during the millennia of sleep, his slumbering mind focused and locked on one particular item that survived intact, the focus feeding an obsession that slowly consumed his sanity down the years. Now awake, the ‘Mad Hatter’ leads his silent armies of blue-steel Necrons into battle, working on rebuilding the tomb worlds under his command into the ‘wonderland’ his insane mind envisions.

The model is the older Necron Lord, with a minor conversion to add a top hat from the Malifaux range. I painted the model in similar colours to the rest of my Necrons, with slight differences such as using pure Mithril Silver for his shoulder armour rather than P3 ink. I really like the Hatter from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, as well as his usage in pop culture, and wanted to include this in my Necrons. Since it’s canon now that nearly all Necron Lords suffered varying levels of physical and / or psychological damage awakening from the great sleep, I couldn’t resist :)

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5 thoughts on “[Painting] Necron Overlord

  1. Definitely liking the unique style on this Necron. Can come up with such great ideas for hte fluff around the hat…maybe he feels it gave him life…or maybe he asks it for advice. Nicely done!

    • Thank you :) Oh, he definitely clings to the hat as something that gives him life, or reminds him of (what he perceives as) his past life! I’ll definitely get round to writing up some full background for him sometime :)

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