Tabletop Tuesday: Malifaux markers

Tabletop Tuesday

Malifaux is still a deeply conflicting game for me, due to personal issues, and while I like the mechanics and certain characters in the game, I haven’t really played it for about eighteen months now – though I do kind of want to get back into playing it again. However, it’s a great game to make little extras for in the way of the various markers you’ll need, and I always think it looks a whole lot nicer with actual 3D items rather than printed cardboard tokens.


First up, the classic ubiquitous corpse counters. They’re made from the old Warhammer plastic skeleton kit, mounted in a bit of modroc on a Malifaux base and based in sand before being simply painted.


I made these simple crates originally to use for the Destroy the Evidence strategy, but they’re now used for more any purpose that needs a generic marker. I picked up some resin crates off eBay, and I think they work well in the setting of Malifaux.


In Malifaux 2E, Seamus hasan optional upgrade whereby, when he takes damage, you can drop a hat marker to negate the damage. As many players before me have done, I used the top hat counter from Monopoly – sure, it’s a little big, but that suits me fine (do you remember the size of the hat on the original Seamus model?), and painted it in Liche Purple with a simple black band. The marker next to it is from the Warhammer Fantasy Empire Huntsmen kit (I think?), and makes for another suitably generic Strategy marker that fits in well with the bleak, dark nature of Malifaux.

These are just a few of the markers you can do for Malifaux, so if you play let me know what you’ve made! I would quite like to start playing Malifaux again, so we’ll see how that goes.

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2 thoughts on “Tabletop Tuesday: Malifaux markers

  1. Nice markers. I generally use blank bases for corpse or scrap markers as needed, and so many events now give out scheme markers as door prizes that I’ve got bags of them. In 1.5, where there were a lot of different kinds of marker I did put together some dynamite markers ( and a treasure chest marker (

    Malifaux is a pretty fun game, and I find that both internal balance and rules complexity are a little improved in the second edition.

    • Your markers look good, I love the dynamite :) I did originally have a plan to do some of my own with little LED’s so we could flick the switch on / off to light up when they were active. Sadly, I never really got around to it.

      Malifaux is a great game, I don’t have any problems with the rules (except for the fact that I can’t run Molly and Seamus together anymore!). It’s just that, due to things that have happened in my life, I can’t deal with some particular minions in the game. I’m sorry if that sounds needlessly cryptic, but it’s not something I’m ready to talk about yet, sorry. I hope that’s OK.

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