Tactica Tuesday: Necron Destroyer Lords

Since I’m playing Necrons quite a bit right now for the local campaign I mentioned in a previous post, this week’s Tactica Tuesday will centre around my second HQ choice, the Destroyer Lord, and how I use him in-game.

IMGP1870I usually run my Lord as a support choice in one of two ways. The first has him acting as survivability support, joining a unit of Destroyers to help tank shots on his 2+ Sempiternal Weave armour save and help re-animate them through his Resurrection Orb. Using the Staff of Light instead of the Warscythe can help add some additional firepower to the unit, and makes them a potent anti-MEQ force. I know some other Necron player’s concerns about Destroyers do include them being too specialist to be used all the time, but I belive that most armies have at least one unit that they’ll be effective against – be it Imperial Guard Stormtroopers, Ork Nobz, Tau Battlesuits or Tyranid Warriors

The second uses the Lord as close combat support, kitting him out with a Warscythe and Mindshackle Scarabs before attaching him to a unit of Wraiths. I’ll usually go for the Sempiternal Weave as well, but there’s no point in the Resurrection Orb this time since Wraiths don’t have Reanimation Protocols. Contrary to the previous, the Lord tends to hang back in this unit to let the Wraiths take incoming fire on their invulnerable saves before moving forward to lead the charge. His three (four on the charge) strength seven AP2 Preferred Enemy attacks really help support the Wraiths, and turns them into quite a formidable close combat unit. The unit retains the 12″ movement speed, and so can move around pretty quickly to threaten the enemy wherever they’re needed. I tend to try and soften up part of the enemy line first with gauss fire before charging this unit in to finish them off and break through.

How do you like to run your Destroyer Lord? Let me know in the comments, it’s always good to hear other people’s opinions :)

Finally, this is the last Tactica Tuesday for a while as it’s taking an extended hiatus, and being re-named Tabletop Tuesday! Essentially nothing’s really going to change – there will still be a weekly Tuesday post and a couple of others throughout the week depending on how my painting goes, but it’ll now be a more varied Tuesday post. Rather than just being my own tactical experiences, Tabletop Tuesday will include tactics, painting, board games as well as wargames, and pretty much anything related to tabletop gaming. Hope to see you next week for the first post!

Take care,



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