Painting: Necron Immortals

My local club’s started running a 40K campaign last Wednesday, and I’m using my traditional Necrons. A good 90% of the army is already painted, but since one of the lists I wrote to use includes five Immortals I thought it was high time I finished painting them. I still love the classic models, and remember (vaguely!) buying them when I first started collecting Necrons about twelve years ago.

IMGP1861IMGP1865As with all of my Necrons, the Immortals have a pretty simple colour scheme that follows the chrome-blue theme of the rest of the army. I started by undercoating each model with Army Painter black spray, before drybrushing them in Boltgun Metal and washing the whole model in Guilliman Blue. The shoulder pads were washed in P3 blue ink, and the trim painted in Mithril Silver. Finally, the eyes were picked out in ice blue and the bases were painted to match the rest of the army.

In keeping with the rest of the army, it’s an easy, simple scheme that gets them to tabletop standard quickly. I think this is why I can stand painting units for my Necrons – they’re quick and easy, and while they don’t have the interest Wood Elves do for me they’re simple enough to pick up, put on a dvd in the background and push through in an afternoon or two. All that remains now is to see how they do in-game, since this will be the first time I’ve used them with the current codex rules!

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