Tactica Tuesday: Necron Chronomancy – Crypteks in Warhammer 40K

Necron Crypteks were one of my favourite new units added in the current Necron codex, and today I’ll be looking at my favourite. I like to call him either the Chronomancer or my Necron Time Lord, but in the codex he’s the Harbinger of Eternity.

Harbingers of Eternity, or Chronomancers, are Necrons who practice the ability to manipulate time, tapping into the fundamental forces of the universe for their power. Oddly, Chronomancers are the cheapest Cryptek you can take, costing only the base 25pts for the Cryptek since the actual Harbinger of Eternity upgrade is free. They come with an Aeonstave, which while a nice (albeit situational) weapon, isn’t the best close combat weapon in the Necron codex by quite a long shot. Given the Cryptek’s initiative of 2 and the Aeonstave’s AP of -, it’s unlikely that the Aeonstave’s ability will ever really come into effect.

Where the Chronomancer excels is as a support model. His first upgrade, the Chronometron, is the main reason I field the model. It’s a cheap upgrade that allows the Cryptek, or the unit he’s with, to re-roll one dice per phase. Per phase. PER PHASE O.o So you can re-roll a dice in the shooting phase, re-roll a dice when you’re in close combat, and even re-roll an armour save in the opponent’s shooting and combat phases.

This becomes particularly nasty when a Necron Overlord has joined the unit as well. Equipping him with a Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave and Phase Shifter with the re-roll makes him incredibly resilient, since he can even re-roll his Reanimation Protocols roll if you haven’t used the re-roll by then.

The second upgrade, the Timesplinter Cloak, is a bit more pricey. It does add a bit of extra resilience to the Cryptek, which is only a good thing, and I tend to take it in higher points level games.

The downside of the Chronomancer is his vulnerability. He only has a basic Necron Warrior profile, and even with the Timesplinter Cloak he’s still only got one wound. I like to place him in a large unit of Necron Warriors with the Overlord, where he can benefit from a lot of bodies to hide behind and the Resurrection Orb. Since he can be quite expensive once he’s got both upgrades, he’s quite a hiogh priority target for most opponents.

Of course, this is only one of the five Crypteks available! Let me know which one you like to field in the comments :)

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