Wood Elves: Assembling the new Eternal Guard

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry that there hasn’t been much content recently beyond my usual weekly Tactica Tuesday posts. Work’s been very busy, and I’ve spent most of my usual modelling time either assembling the new Eternal Guard or playing Space Hulk on Steam (it’s good, but not quite as good as the board game!).

So in lieu of any freshly painted models, I thought I’d do a quick post about the plastic Eternal Guard. Since the new Wood Elves came out shortly before my wedding and honeymoon I’m a few weeks behind everyone else, and have only just found the time to assemble them. The models themselves are lovely, with elegant armour and cloaks. They come with the body attached to the legs, and the spears are pretty set in their position, which makes them fairly easy to assemble en masse. It does also lead to some very similar poses, but I’m perfectly happy with that – it adds to the uniform nature of the unit that I think suits them very well, and helps them to rank up more easily. I’m looking forward to painting them, but have yet to figure out how to do their cloaks. I’d rather not do them green like my Glade Guard, so I’m considering either grey or Midnight Blue (though I’m still thinking of using the latter for my Wildwood Rangers)…

IMGP1808Next up on the painting table, aside from the usual character models (I have far too many Wood Elf characters, but they’re such fun to paint!) is my unit of Warhawk Riders, and the new plastic Treeman model is close behind them…

Take care,



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