Painting: Wood Elf Tree Kin

I’m back from my honeymoon! I’m really sorry that there isn’t a Tactica Tuesday today – I just haven’t had time to write one since getting back – but it will return next week. Instead, here’s three more Tree Kin I managed to finish painting before my wedding but didn’t have time to upload.

IMGP1801As with all my forest spirit models, I started with a basecoat of the same brown I use for the model’s base. This was then slowly worked up with different colours drybrushed on to a light brown that still retains shades of the earth on the base. The forst spirits nestling in the branches were painted in the usual contrast orange, blue and purples, since I like the added colour they bring to the model. As far as the in-game logic for the colour goes, I reckon that the spirits take on these brighter colours as part of their ‘war form’, and are probably more neutral greens and browns when not in battle. I haven’t quite finished the bases yet as they do need some static grass added, but I haven’t had the time to pick up any PVA glue yet.

Finally, a quick question to any fellow married wargamers who read this – what do you do with your wedding ring when painting? I’m not sure if it’s better to take it off to avoid any potential (however unlikely!) accidents, or just leave it on…

Take care,



1 thought on “Painting: Wood Elf Tree Kin

  1. Nice paintjob. I don’t like the sculpts, but I think your painting style really brings out the best of those guys. For the ring; I actually take it off when I enter the house and put it on when I leave. Housework, miniature painting, handling aceton and enamel pigment fixer and what not would surely in some point destroy the ring. So I keep it safe and clean and just wear it outside and to work. I do not believe that it is a bad omen if you take it off. It is a bad omen if your ring gets dissolved or covered in paint ;).

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