Tactica Tuesday: Eldar Vyper Jetbikes in Epic Armageddon

Following on from last week’s post about Eldar Jetbikes, this week I take a look at their larger cousins, the Vyper Jetbike in Epic: Armageddon.

EVIn Epic: Armageddon, you can upgrade any number of stands in a Jetbike formation to Vypers at no additional cost, allowing the option for pure Vyper formations as well as a mixed unit. Where Jetbikes are short-ranged infantry, Vypers act more in the role of longer range fire support.

Each Vyper comes with an AP5+/AT5+ Scatter Laser, giving the formation the option to lay blast markers and light damage on both infantry and vehicles. The range is rather short at only 30cm, but since Vypers match the Jetbikes for speed and maneouverbility this isn’t really much of an issue. It’s particularly helpful, in my experience, for laying blast markers prior to an assault for (assuming the assaulting Eldar haven’t taken any) that +2 combat resolution before any attacks are even made.

However, what the Vypers gain in long-range firepower and versatility they lose in durability and close-range combat. Their firefight is a point lower than the Jetbikes, hampering the unit slightly in close combat, and their biggest weakness (in my own opinion) is their Light Vehicle status. Their armour’s still a decent 4+, but since they can be targeted by both AT and AP firepower this inevitably means that more shots are going to be able to hit the unit. They’re definitely a good addition to Jetbikes, but they do change the role of the unit somewhat.

I tend to usually include no more than two or three in my Jetbikes – since the Vypers are only there to lay blast markers, three Vypers give a good chance of providing the one hit that’ll place the marker. The other three stands of Jetbikes are still enough to shield them, and ensure that if the unit’s targeted by pure AT firepower there will still be a few pesky stands remaining. A full unit of Vypers can work well, but (as far as I use them) they’re not really there to do damage, more to lay blast markes and claim objectives – where a few mixed-in infantry Jetbikes can often be a big help.

Thank you for reading, and I’m sorry that there hasn’t been much painting etc. reported recently – for those of you who don’t know I’m getting married in the next couple of weeks, so it’s all rather busy right now!

Take care,



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