Tactica Tuesday: Eldar Jetbikes in Epic Armageddon

Recently it’s become a lot harder writing Tactica Tuesday – what with the announcement of 40K seventh edition I don’t really want to write about the old edition given that it’ll be replaced in under a week, and I haven’t used the new Wood Elf rules enough to talk about them. So this week I’m falling back on an old favourite, looking at (and I can’t believe I haven’t talked about these before) Eldar Jetbikes in Epic: Armageddon.

IMGP1672Eldar Jetbikes rank as one of my favourite units in Epic. They’re an affordable, versatile unit that performs well in a variety of situations, which in itself is a rarity in the otherwise-specialised Eldar list! The profile combines the resilience of a Space Marine with the famed Eldar speed, with a movement of 35cm outpacing most other units and a decent 4+ armour. And, with a firefight value of 4+ and the Skimmer special rule, they’re a solid and practical unit.

Unsurprisingly, Eldar Jetbikes are a fantastic scoring unit for objective-grabbing. Their 35cm move – and, as such, 70cm double – gives them an impressive reach where they can easily hop around the board faster than most other armies. Despite their armour 4+ they’re not that resilient due to their small unit size, but it’s not that hard to hide them in cover for additional protection. I’ve found that it’s best to swoop onto an objective late in the game, ideally when your opponent has more pressing matters to worry about and can’t easily deal with them.

I do think that Jetbikes are also suprisingly good at firefight support. Their movement lets them get in ideal positions to support, and while they don’t have much offensive power they can usually angle themselves to hit a vulnerable point of the enemy, such as their transport vehicles. Eldar always work best with combined multiple-unit rolling assaults, and the Jetbike’s maneouverability really plays into this. They can also do well by themselves at hunting down artillery and scout units, where their lack of numbers isn’t such a hinderance and their firefight 4+ can often overwhelm the weaker artillery.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous Tactica Tuesday, Jetbikes are an ideal candidate to store in the Webway. Since they’re such a cheap unit they don’t have too detrimental an effect on the army for missing out on a turn or two, and a well-positioned forward Webway Gate can often let them do that all-important double to an objective on the last turn, ensuring that they can claim it rather than simply contest it. I’ll usually take one formation in 3000pts, and they almost always stay in the Webway until they can come out at an opportune moment – whether to grab an objective or support a firefight. This helps to keep them alive, and (in my experience) really makes the most of the unit.

As always, please feel free to chip in @ the comments section with your own thoughts! :) I haven’t touched upon Vyper Jetbikes as, while they are technically a unit upgrade, I feel like they deserve a whole post.

In other news, I’m selling my Dark Elf army – so if you know someone who wants one (or want a Dark Elf army yourself!) please get in touch :)

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