Painting: Wood Elf Wild Riders

I’ve finished my first unit of Wood Elf Wild Riders – just in time to have them replaced in the new army book with stags. Typical :P (I know, they’re not really stags but manifestations of the hunt, so there’s no reason why they can’t manifest as horses :) )

IMGP1583IMGP1593IMGP1594I’ve spent probably ten days in total painting these guys in-between work, gym and the other bits ‘n’ bobs that make up my daily life, and I’m really pleased with how they turned out. I wanted them to stand out from the rest of the army as the elite troops they are, and deliberately painted all the horses in pure white as a contrast to my other mounted troops. The riders themselves were painted with my usual flesh method, but with some Thrakka Green wash added in to give them a slight ‘otherworldly’ glow. I kept the palette fairly muted and in-line with the rest of the army, but used more Dwarf Bronze than I usually would to add to the ‘elite’ look of the unit.

The one thing I would advise if you’re going to paint a unit of these guys (not that it probably matters now since these metal models aren’t available on Games Workshop any more, having been replaced by plastic Wild Riders) – paint the cloaks first. I did the flesh first, and really regretted it when it came down to their cloaks. Since they’re fur-textured metal, they are surprisingly deep! Being able to use a basecoat brush without having to worry about ruining their finished skin would’ve been so much easier…

While we’re on Wood Elves, I have, of course, pre-ordered pretty much everything you can :D I’ve got the new book now, and am working on a post of first opinions for sometime next week.

Take care,



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