Tactica Tuesday: Necron Deathmarks in Warhammer 40K

One of my favourite new units that were added into the Necron Codex have to be the Deathmarks. The models are a lovely plastic kit, and the idea of these inter-dimensional hunter-assassins stalking their prey is really quite cool. They’ve become a unit that ends up in my Necron army lists a good 90% of the time, so I thought I’d take a look at how they work for me this Tuesday.

DeathmarksCarrying on from a previous Tactica Tuesday about Deep Strike in Warhammer 40K, Deathmarks are one of the few units that I always Deep Strike. Since their weapons are rapid fire, they benefit from being in close range and Deep Strike really helps them to get there. I also run them as a minimum unit size of five, so the issue of them scattering into dangerous terrain isn’t that likely.They can also ‘piggyback’ into play when an enemy unit enters the battlefield through Deep Strike, increasing the versatility of the unit and helping to get them where (and when!) you want them.

As far as their profile goes, they boast all the hallmarks of Necrons including the Necrodermis, reanimation protocols and a decent MEQ statline including a 3+ armour save. Their main strength, though, is their Synaptic Disintegrators. Despite only being strength 4 rapid fire, their weapons are surprisingly deadly when combined with their special rule Hunters from Hyperspace. Since they’ll be hitting on 3’s and wounding on 2’s with two shots per model (when in rapid fire range), this forces the opposing squad to usually take a lot of armour saves – I’ve seen them cut through Terminators before due to how many successful wounds the squad caused! They also come with the Sniper special rule, so they can take advantage of the Rending abilities to be even more deadly against armoured foes.

As benefits their assassin status, I’ve found Deathmarks to be particularly effective against stronger targets, from the aforementioned Terminators to monstrous creatures whose high toughness might otherwise be a problem for the rest of the army. It’s also worth considering that the rule specifically states ‘Any Deathmark unit that shoots at [a marked unit]’- so multiple small units can really benefit from another unit’s mark. I tend to take them in a small unit, since this keeps the points down without seeming to hinder their effectiveness.

Thanks for reading, and as always feel free to jump in with a comment :) Do you think that Deathmarks are a strong unit, or do you have another unit you feel does the same job but better?

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