Painting: Wood Elf Branchwraith

I finished another character for my Wood Elves today – another Branchwraith. They’ve served me well over the past seven years I’ve had this army, so I’m hoping that they’re still viable in the new book.

IMGP1536IMGP1538IMGP1539I love the model, and it was great fun to paint – I haven’t painted any forest spirit units in a while, and this model really reminded me why I love painting them. There’s something about the layering of different shades of browns that I really enjoy, seeing what trees I can emulate from dark oak to light willow. In this case I had a combination of silver birch and beech in mind, going for quite a light look in contrast to my previous darker Branchwraith (pictured below for comparison). I’m very happy with how she turned out, particularly the ‘hair’.

IMGP1546Take care,



2 thoughts on “Painting: Wood Elf Branchwraith

  1. Lovely painting, but the base is the bit that really stands out for me. Of course, when the character is part-tree, it is harder to say where the miniature ends and the tree begins.

    • Thanks :) Yeah, the base is great on the Drycha / Branchwraith model. I still need to add some flock (something I realised after I finished the post!), but it’s really well-sculpted the way she looks like she’s part of the foliage.

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