Could we have new Wood Elves appearing at last?

Today’s ‘What’s New Today‘ over on covers their rather expensive new toolset, but more interestingly there’s a little video at the bottom…

The video shows a group of Bretonnians advancing into a forest, before the sound of creaking branches and a menacing shadow overcomes them. Give the shape of the shadow, Bretonnia’s proximity to Athel Loren and the increasing rumours that have been abound recently, this seems to be a pretty good indicator that my beloved Wood Elves are finally getting a new book! There’s also some new art floating around, which (on the artist’s own website) is labelled ‘Copyright Games workshop Wood Elf Army book’. It’s not on the artist’s website any more, but I can’t deny that, for the first time in nine years, I’m properly excited that we might have a new book coming.

Wood-Elves-DPS-18bSo there’s nothing definite, but the future is certainly looking bright for the Asrai. I’m going to have to try and keep my excitement under control until Saturday now, when we get to see if my hopes are realised!

Take care,



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