Painting: Mounted Wood Elf Noble

Hot on the heels of my previous post about my Spellsinger, I’ve finished another Wood Elf character for my army.

IMGP1526IMGP1516This model’s actually been a bit of a challenge for me for absolutely ages, sitting on my painting shelf half-based and failing to inspire me to finish him. I finally worked out what the problem was, though – I’d basecoated too much of him in similar greens and the model looked very bland as a result – and started afresh with a new colour scheme in mind. After that, I managed to finish him in no more than a couple of days!

IMGP1524It’s a fantastic model, and one I really did enjoy painting. It’s always nice to find new detail as you paint, such as the skulls hidden in the ivy on his back. I’m looking forward to using him in-game as well, probably as a relatively cheap Noble with the Dawnspear to lead a charge and help discourage any return blows.

Take care,



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