Painting: Classic Wood Elf mounted Spellsinger

The latest painted model to join my Asrai army – a classic mounted Spellsinger.

IMGP1506IMGP1505IMGP1512I’ve always loved this model, despite his slightly oversized staff. The aggressive pose suits the Wood Elves very well, in my opinion, and reinforces the defensive, insulated nature they famously have. It was a fun model to paint too, with a good number of little details in charms, bracelets and artifacts adorning the model. I kept a very muted, neutral palette, using gold sparingly for some of his items and the Elvish rune detailing on the sword. The horse was also kept in a neutral grey, but since he’s a hero-level character (and a magic-user at that), I strayed outside the box a little and painted the mane and tail in a very dark green to give the impression of dye. Finally, the ribbons on his staff were painted in blue to tie him in to the rest of the army.

So it’s a bank holiday weekend now :) I’ll be doing some more painting, playing some games and possibly even enjoying a Trooper beer or two now I’ve found that my local stocks it!

Take care,



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