Sundays are the best days

For once I’ve got a pretty quiet, chilled Sunday planned, so of course I’m making the most of it and getting on with some modelling! I’m mainly working on my Wood Elves, painting up a couple of characters and basing my Wild Riders for undercoating this afternoon.


My current slightly chaotic work space. Note the (now empty) coffee, the narrrow corridor in-between models that means I can still just about get to and use my computer mouse, and the in-progress Triple Helix Wargames order on-screen!

Let me know what your Sunday plans are, or what hobby work you’ve been doing recently in the comments :)

Take care,



3 thoughts on “Sundays are the best days

  1. It’s a pretty wet, rainy day here, so I’m working on a Pathfinder campaign and thinking about how to create a Wild West-themed Ogre army. I guess I’m going to need to get really familiar with green stuff…

  2. I spent the day recovering from a hangover, playing Cards Against Humanity and reading the rules I got from Salute (7th Voyage). Now I just have to decide when to paint the stuff I got too, Heresy Miniature’s Boris mk. II model is imposing and I’m debating whether I should attempt some freehand.

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