[LotOW] Painting Deputies and recent games

I feel like I haven’t really talked about my Legends of the Old West posse recently. They’re still very much active and being used regularly, but I have to confess I just haven’t had the time to post about them much.

For any new readers, some friends and I get together about once a month to play a couple of games of Legends of the Old West. I’ve been running a lawful posse, based in the small town of Providence. Recent games have seen them involved in a run-and-gun battle with outlaws high-tailing it to the border, and being hired by a local family to defend incoming valuable cargo against gun-slinging bandits. They’ve been doing pretty well for themselves, and the last game saw them joining up with a posse of Texas Rangers to defend a bank against multiple outlaws!

Sadly no-one’s rolled up ‘The Kid’s Got Talent’ recently. However, one of my vigilantes – a gunslinger by the name of Adam Romney – has been doing pretty well for himself, to the point where (despite being only a henchman) he’s saddled up on a horse with a heavy pistol, and a boiler plate for extra protection.He’s been with the posse from the beginning, and has has slowly accumulated profile increases until he’s a pretty damn good shot. I like to see him as the ‘developing’ character – from a relatively naive young man early on to a more jaded and hardened lawman now. All I need is for him to roll ‘The Kid’s Got Talent’ so he can start accumulating some actual skills! He’s fully painted, so here he is in all his glory:


IMGP1474 IMGP1468 IMGP1477I’ve also added a new member to the posse, though you’ve seen him before – deputy sheriff Parker. He’s only a henchman right now, but the way he’s been throwing himself into the front lines I’m hopeful he might advance to hero status soon!

Take care,



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