Tactica Tuesday: Thinking with Portals – the Eldar Webway Gate in Epic

A few weeks ago I briefly touched upon the Eldar Webway gate in Epic: Armageddon in another Tactica Tuesday post. I didn’t really go into much detail, though, so this week I’ll be taking a look at this unique choice and how it works.

The Webway Gate is a very unique feature of the Eldar, allowing them to bring in formations from reserve without the risks of deep-strike, but only through one set point on the board. It’s restricted to infantry, light vehicles and walkers due to the small size of the webway, but can still prove to be a decisive game-changer for the Eldar.

First off, there’s the positioning of the Webway Gate itself. In contrast to my previous post about objectives, the Webway gate is the one that I actually find beneficial to be near others. Since the webway can only transport infantry, light vehicles and walkers, a lot of the units appearing from it won’t have the characteristic Eldar speed and will instead be foot-slogging it – a far from ideal prospect. By placing the webway near other objectives, this limits the risk to formations moving out and allows me to flood multiple objectives with reinforcements if need be.

Another factor I generally try to take into consideration is cover. By aiming to place the Webway in or near ruins, etc., this provides a good 4+ cover save for any exiting formations which is only a good thing! There’s very little risk here too, since infantry don’t have any downsides in cover and walkers have their re-roll in case they do fail the dangerous terrain test.

One of my favourite units to keep in the webway is actually the iconic Guardians. They’re cheap enough that their absence from the game at first doesn’t matter too much, and the webway lets them get into the ideal firefight range without the risks and costs of Wave Serpents. I’ll usually add in some Wraithguard, and occasionally the Wraithlords, to add an extra macro punch to the formation as well as the benefits of reinforced armour. This ties into my thoughts about placement in the above paragraph – by placing the Webway gate near cover, this allows the Guardians to move out and immediately become quite a potent force – combining a 2+ initiative with 4+ firefight and a 4+ cover save! In the past I’ve seen that this makes for quite a surprisingly durable unit – while they won’t be going anywhere particularly fast, they bolster the line very well and help consolidate the objectives.

Another formation that often ends up in the webway – albeit for a very different reason – are Eldar Jetbikes. In contrast to the Guardians, the Jetbikes are there primarily for their high speed of 35cm. Often, even a double out of the Webway on turn 3 is enough to place them firmly in the opponent’s table half, denying them You Shall Not Pass and / or forcing them to re-route formations away from vital objectives on the front line to deal with them. Similarly to Guardians, Jetbikes are quite a cheap formation at only 200pts, but they’re also surprisingly resilient with a 4+ armour (even if there are only six stands of them).
This movement speed also helps when it comes to catching enemy units in a crossfire, and since they’re able to appear out of the webway halfway across the board it makes it all the easier to flank heavily-armoured units and increase the odds of the Eldar coming out victorious in the assault.

I’ve only really mentioned the above in relation to the Webway Gate itself, since the Storm Serpent can be a bit different and proactive – I’ll get onto that another week, no doubt! In the meantime please feel free to leave a comment with your own thoughts, and since it was my brithday recently I’ll leave you with a picture of my cake.

IMGP1454The Milleni-Yum Falcon! You can call me Chew-baker.

O.K, enough bad puns :P Thank you for reading, and take care,



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