Tactica Tuesday: What did I learn about kill-team?

So now that our local kill-team campaign is over, what did I learn about this oft-marginalised alternative to traditional 40K?

One of the first things I found was that numbers really do matter. Unlike regular 40K, where a Space Marine army can go toe-to-toe with a horde army like Tyranids, I quickly realised that even when each model’s wearing Power Armour, it’s still better to take as many as possible. Since it’s on such a smaller scale, I found a single Grey Knight was often having to make multiple saving throws each turn, leading to one or two (on average) dying each turn once the action started – there’s only so many times you can roll a 3+ on a dice! This is helped by the lower model count and the fact we played on quite scenic cover-heavy tables; my last blog post mentioned how an Ork managed to hunker down in cover and survive 175pts worth of Grey Knights unloading their Storm Bolters into him thanks to the cover save.

IMGP1445Another mistake I made quite early on was spacing. In my first game, my Grey Knights scattered all over the place in an attempt to combat multiple threats, which led to a lot of them being mugged and picked off, and the survivors having to fall back away from the objectives to regroup together. Even though squad coherency rules don’t apply, it’s far more effective to keep the models close (but not clumped), where they can focus fire and / or move en masse onto an objective or opposing force if need be.

As I’m sure you’ll probably have gathered from my posts, I really enjoyed it. It’s a nice alternative to 40K if you want a break, and encourages using models you might not usually add to your army – or, as I did, that lone squad you’ve had hanging around for months and never gotten round to buying the rest of the army for. It lends itself well to narrative scenarios, and it’s certainly something I’d recommend.

Back onto regular gaming now, though! Tomorrow I’ve got a Battlefleet Gothic game lined up, and will probably be using my Thousand Sons fleet. I don’t think I’ve ever featured my BFG fleets on here, so who knows – I’ll have to try and get some pictures!

Take care,



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