Kill-Team: The finalé!

The Grey Knights took to the field of battle for the final time last Wednesday in our local kill-team games, facing off against the seemingly ever-present threat of the Orks and, for the first time, the elusive Tau. As always it was a fun, fast-paced game that swung between the three forces.

2014-03-12 19.54.30The Orks looked strong at the start, surging forward to claim an objective and gunning down the leading Grey Knight in a hail of stubber shots. In response, the Grey Knights claimed an objective of their own, responding with a hail of storm bolter fire and cutting down the leading wave of Orks. The Tau skirted around the edge, avoiding the fray but managing to claim two objectives of their own.

2014-03-12 19.54.40Despite their initial push, the Orks found themselves stranded in relatively open ground, where the Tau used the high ground to their advantage and rained burst cannon fire down on them. The Grey Knights cut through the Orks facing them with relative ease, but surprisingly met their match against a dug-in big shoota-armed Ork, who hunkered down behind cover and survived an impressive total of seven storm bolters (fourteen shots!) before finally being taken down. Having dispatched the Orks, the Grey Knights made for the Tau, but despite taking down two of the elusive Stealth Suits they were unable to make it far enough to contest before the game ended, leaving the game 3-2-0 for the Tau, Grey Knights and Orks respectively.

2014-03-12 20.46.15Kill-team’s been great fun as a little game, and the skirmish nature really does turn a lot of expectations around. It’s also been a good incentive to finish painting some of my Grey Knights, and I’ve now done the second squad as well.

IMGP1422I’ve also painted up a plastic model to act as a Justicar / Castellan, who I’m pretty pleased with. The slightly different armour on the plastics and suitably heroic pose makes him stand out, and I reversed some of the colour scheme to keep him coherent with the other units while making him look different. He’s not finished yet – I’m planning to attempt some freehand(!) at some point on his shoulder pads – but I thought he could appear here anyway.

IMGP1423I’m planning on painting the few remaining Grey Knights soon, just so they’re all finished, and will put up pictures as soon as they are. After that, Wood Elves are definitely the main priority!

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