One hundred posts on…

So this is my hundredth post on!


Everything is awesome!!

First off, thank you so much to everyone who’s read my blog. It’s thanks to you that I keep writing this stuff, and it’s always great to see people reading and commenting, so thank you.

I took my Grey Knights in this week’s Kill-Team scenario again, this time foregoing the Inquisitor in favour of a pure Grey Knights force. It was a three-player game against Orks and Witch Hunters (turns out the different Ordos just can’t get along…), and unfortunately was a bit uneventful for my Daemonhunters. The Witch Hunters drove their Immolator straight into the Orks, and both sides went at it hammer and tongs for two turns before my foot-slogging Grey Knights could turn up only to find their opponents decimated! There were still suitably heroic moments from my Justicar again, culminating in him beheading the Ork Nob leading the enemy (again) and then being gunned down by a big shoota (again). Let’s see if he can actually survive next week and avoid re-enacting the same events three weeks in a row!

I haven’t really been able to get any more painting done on them since my last blog post, but I have managed to get a few more models who are ready to be undercoated and painted. I’ve also received some new Wood Elves through trading away my old Night Goblin army, including some Wild Riders and a Noble on great stag. These should be great fun to paint, and I’m really looking forward to the challenge of painting elves while making them look suitably ‘otherworldly’ and like they’re truly part of Athel Loren.

Finally, I did realise that, despite finishing painting them a while ago, I never actually uploaded any shots of these two – another hero for my Wood Elves and a Jokaero. I stuck with my usual muted green and brown scheme for the Wood Elf, with little blue details to tie her in to the rest of the army. The Jokaero was intended for Inquisimunda, and so his colour scheme didn’t need to be as coherent as usual due to the individual skirmish nature of the game. I went for the classic orange fur, but deliberately picked out his goggles and weapons in a contrast electric blue to make them stand out.

IMGP1318As I’ve already said, thank you for sticking with me and reading this blog, it really is appreciated!

IMGP1311Take care,



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