Ready for battle: my first five Grey Knights

Following on from a post earlier this week, I’ve finished painting my first five Grey Knights!

IMGP1292IMGP1299I deliberately avoided my usual gold and blue combination, instead going for the iconic red as a contrast to the gold and silver armour. The purity seals were highlighted up from P3 Hammerfall Khaki to Dheneb Stone, and I gave the Nemesis Force Weapon blades an Asuryman Blue glaze to give them a slight blue sheen and reflect their psychic nature. Finally, the bases were painted in my usual P3 Battlefield Brown / Hammerfall Khaki, and textured with a bit of flock.

I’ve also managed to pick up another squad (or two…) on eBay at an affordable price, and will be painting them up next. I’ve a few ideas for various combinations of Grey Knights I’d like to try out as a kill team, so fingers crossed they arrive in time for next week’s game!

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