Purging the unrighteous: Grey Knights kill-team

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it yet, but a friend of mine is running a few kill team scenarios over the next few weeks, starting yesterday. Kill team was a relatively popular variant of Warhammer 40k a few years ago, where rather than running large armies each player controlled a small force of models – usually 200pts, with certain restrictions such as no 2+ saves, no vehicles with a great armour value total than 33, etc. Each model acts individually, turning kill team into an interesting skirmish game where individual troopers can act out great game-changing feats. I personally really enjoy it – as I’m sure any regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of skirmish games over armies anyway, but I like the opportunity to use models that I usually wouldn’t.

This time I’ve decided to run a Grey Knights / Inquisition force using the Daemonhunters codex. I’ve got a fair few models hanging around from playing games like Necromunda and its spin-off Inquisimunda, but in particular there’s a squad of five Grey Knights who I can’t use in regular games (I can’t see them allying with Necrons or Thousand Sons…), and who are slightly too beefy to really use regularly in the aforementioned -munda skirmish games. So I’ve reworked them as a kill team force instead, and they’ve been great fun to play so far. I ran four of them with an Inquisitor this week, going in a three-player game up against Orks and Eldar. Most of the game seemed to be against the Orks, with the Grey Knights giving a good account of themselves before ultimately succumbing to the superior numbers of the Orks. It was a fun game, and despite playing power-armoured forces in most of my 40k games the Grey Knights were a nice change. I’m particularly enjoying how truly versatile they are, with Storm Bolters and 2 WS5 Str6 close combat attacks each.

I am working on painting them, however they’re only half-finished. So for now, here’s a work-in-progress shot :)

IMGP1290Also, I’m looking to pick up one more basic (ideally metal, at a sensible price) Grey Knight with Storm Bolter and Halberd, so if you see one, know of someone selling one or, even better, are selling one yourself please let me know!

Thank you as always for reading – I’ll put up a picture of the full squad once finished, and will keep posting logs of the kill team missions. I might even get organised and get some photos of the next one…

Take care,



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