LotOW: “Bringing religiosity to the fuzzy wuzzies”

I’ve recently finished painting another model for my Legends of the Old West collection, yet again from the fantastic Black Scorpion Miniatures range. This time he’s not a legend per se, but certainly inspired by a legend…

IMGP1256Shepherd Atlas is ready to bring religion to the frontier! He’s often found himself in need of protection from the harsher elements of the wild west, and has taken to carrying a shotgun to defend himself when the occasion arises. The Bible is pretty specific when it comes to killing, but somewhat fuzzier on the subject of kneecaps, after all.

IMGP1271Fairly obviously by now, I was heavily inspired by Shepherd Book from Firefly (which is also where the quote in the title comes from, courtesy of Captain Mal Reynolds), and borrowed a lot from the character for Atlas. It was fun to paint a darker skin tone for a change, and I deliberately kept his clothes quite simple and neutral as benefits a man of the cloth. I did try to focus on the cross, since it seemed like quite a focal point of the model, and highlighted it up from P3 Hammerfall Khaki to GW’s Dheneb Stone before picking out the raised bumps in black to make it stand out. I’m very happy with how he turned out – just need to find a way to fit him into my posse now!

Take care,



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