Tactica Tuesday: Thousand Sons Doomwings in Epic: Armageddon

Just like most forces in Epic: Armageddon, the Thousand Sons only really have one fighter aircraft – the iconic Doomwing. They’re pretty much a staple in any Thousand Sons list I write, and I thought it’d be fun to take a look at what makes them this essential to me and how they stack up as aircraft.

DoomwingsDoomwings have the same profile in both the EpicUK and the NetEA lists, so I won’t be referring to any particular list as they’re the same in both :) They act as a pretty cheap unit at 150pts for three models, and don’t take up much of the points allowance for an army. As far as their profile goes, they’re effective interceptors who aren’t too shabby at ground attacks (if they’ve literally got nothing else to target!). They are one of the few formations available to the Thousand Sons who can tackle enemy aircraft, and so I consider their inclusion in a list to be all but vital to avoid any Thunderhawk gunships, Phoenix bombers and the like from otherwise wreaking havoc across my army.

Their weapons are well-suited to interception with an AA of 5+ each for a total of three shots. Rather nicely, the AP value is 4+ which, when combined with the Ignore cover special rule, makes them surprisingly effective at harrassing and laying blast markers on infantry formations. I do consider this to be very much a secondary role, however, since they are there primarily to provide anti-aircraft.

I always think that the classic Doomwings models are rather reminiscent of vultures, and they seem to work in-game in a similar fashion. Despite having an invulnerable save (go daemonic possession!), their armour is still only 6+, which leads to them being rather fragile and working better in numbers. Since they’re so cheap – you can get two whole squadrons for the same cost as one squadron of Nightwings – Doomwings will often outnumber the enemy aircraft, and can swoop in and mug priority enemy aircraft, usually transports or bombers. They’re a cheap, fragile unit, but one that fills a very specific niche in the Thousand Sons list(s) that other units can’t really do.

As always please do feel free to leave any comments, it’s always great to hear from you :)

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