True Legends of the Old West – Pat Garrett

Hi guys,

I’m sorry that there hasn’t really been much recently beyond the Tactica Tuesday series. I’ve just had a lot going on, including being unwell, my car breaking down and me having to find a new one (still ongoing), so that’s been rather stressful and time-consuming. On the bright side, I’m playing a bit of solo sax in concert this coming Friday and the wedding plans are coming along, which is great :) But it’s all been pretty hectic and busy, one way or the other, and I haven’t really had much time (or, to be honest, motivation) to work on my painting. I did recently play Dead Zone, which was a fun little game, and my painting table is full of half-finished models, but I just thought I’d say why this blog has been a bit quiet recently. To be honest I’m still feeling pretty unwell, but I’ll do my best to get a Tactica Tuesday finished in time for this week.

Having said all that, I have been working on more of my Legends of the Old West figures recently, and – despite the highly unlikely chance of my ever being able to hire them in-game – have been painting some of the true Legends.

IMGP1221Pat Garrett is one of the most recognizable names from the Old West, particularly for his history with Billy the Kid. A sheriff, customs agent and even a bartender during his life, Garrett tracked the Kid for nine months before famously tracking him down and killing him. As with so many accounts from the time, the actual historial facts are often disputed regarding their accuracy, but despite this (and his sadly inglorious death), Garrett remains one of the ‘Legends’ of the Old West whose story endures to this day.

IMGP1218As with all of my Legends models, the figure is from the excellent Black Scorpion Miniatures range. It’s a lovely figure that balances an understated look with effective small details, such as the likeness to photos of Garrett and the cigarette held casually in one hand. I deliberately kept the colour scheme fairly muted, choosing a charcoal-grey suit by mixing Codex Grey with Amry Painter matt black. His coat is my favourite P3 Battlefield Brown with highlights, and the skin is my go-to mix of Dwarf Flesh, Elf Flesh and Ogryn Flesh wash. I kept the base simple so he’d fit in with the rest of my Legends models, though I must confess (if I ever find the time, given my painting queue!) I’d quite like to buy another and do him on a scenic base.

I’ll do my best to put up another post for the next Legends I’ve painted soon, time permitting :) In the meantime, take care,



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