Tactica Tuesday: Intermingled units in Epic: Armageddon

While playing Epic Armageddon recently against my friend Gus of Epic Addiction, a situation arose where the intermingled formations rule cropped up, severely hampering my army. This was an interesting instance, and got me thinking about this oft-overlooked rule.

First, let’s look at the way intermingled formations can be used positively. For starters, it’s a great way to bolster your defence line. A good example of this is activating a formation to advance, taking shots at an enemy formation that’s ready to assault. This lays some preemptive blast markers, and you can also position the formation next to an otherwise vulnerable one – so, in the upcoming assault, they count as an intermingled formation and can fight together for a strong boost in combat strength.


In this shot, the Rubric Formation is too far away from the Predators to do anything but lend supporting fire – which leaves the Predators wide open for the Aspect Warriors to assault, and subsequently break through the line. Since the Aspect Warriors will most likely wipe out the Predators, the Rubric formation won’t even get to offer any supporting fire and the Aspects have a good chance of coming out of the combat unscathed.


In this shot, however, the Rubric formation is within 5cm of the Predators, and will count as an intermingled formation for combat purposes. This allows them to strike at the same time as the Predators, making an engage a much more risky idea for the Aspect Warriors and strengthening the Thousand Sons battleline.

However, this same rule can be used to tie up and bog down formations as well. In the recent game mentioned at the start of this post, for example, I had two formations of Thousand Sons next to each other. Gus managed to position a formation of his scouts so that neither formation could move without engaging, meaning that two of my formations had to waste their activations taking on the scouts. Sacrificing 300pts of scouts to hold up nearly 700pts of Thousand Sons was a very effective move here, curtailing any chance I had of solidifying one of my objectives.


A recreation of my Waterloo last game(!) – since the Rubric formation and the Terminators are within 5cm of each other and can’t break past the Scout Rangers and War Walkers, they are forced to call an engage as an intermingled formation, thereby wasting two activations on a single combat.

I hope this has been an interesting read, it was certainly an interesting situation to be brought up in-game! Let me know what experience you’ve had with intermingled formations, and what you think of them.

Thank you for reading, and take care,



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