[LotOW] Slow progress and new Peace Officers

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry that this blog has fallen behind a bit in content recently. The Christmas rush at work has been so manic that I’ve barely been able to write Tactica Tuesday in time, let alone think about painting any models or writing anything else. So once the festive season and, on a more personal note the end of December is over, I’ll be back to posting multiple posts a week.

In the meantime, I have managed to finish painting my mounted Marshal for Legends of the Old West. It took a little longer than I anticipated as I wanted him to exactly mirror my foot-slogging Marshal, and had to colour-match from memory on certain bits of clothing(!). However, he’s finished now and I’m really pleased with how he turned out. He would have had his first game a couple of weeks ago, but the scenario required all of our models to be on foot, consigning my beloved new model to the box rather than the table. Having said that, the Marshal was still the star of the show that game, taking down three people (including another posse’s leader) all by himself.



A comparison shot of Marshal Coburn mounted and on foot.

My posse’s grown a bit more with that success, to the point where I can finally hire another vigilante with shotgun – and so Deputy Sheriff Parker has joined the Providence Lawkeepers!

IMGP1153IMGP1160This is another model from the supremely talented Black Scorpion Miniatures, and one that is just so full of character. I love the straining buttons on his shirt, as well as his wild hair and determined expression.

Parker’s just returned from serving a long stint as a deputy down across the border in Mexico. According to Parker, it’s ‘like a god-damn war down there’, and he’s brought the particularly violent brand of justice he and other peace officers had to use across the border back to Providence and Morning Wood with him. His gung-ho guns blazing style of lawkeeping has put him at odds more than once with the more analytical Sheriff Conagher, but there’s no denying his popularity with the men or his skill with a gun. If there’s a group of outlaws holed up in a building, Parker will be the first to grab a shotgun and kick the door down!

I’ve also finally completed a new unit for my Epic Thousand Sons after a long time trawling eBay and various forums. I’m not going to divulge what it is yet – look forward to a post on them soon! :)

Thanks for reading, and take care,



3 thoughts on “[LotOW] Slow progress and new Peace Officers

  1. I’ve said it before but will say again absolutely fantastic job on Marshal Coburn there Ben. It can’t have been an easy job making a fit to the horse but more than looks the part & if you’d said it was an original Black Scorpion release, without looking at their wares first, I wouldn’t have known any different.
    I must say, that I do like your vigilante as well. Keeping out of his way, on the mean streets of Morning wood, shot guns are usually spectacularly dangerous, at short range in LOTOW & The Lawman’s posse has the best use/sprinkling of them with their vigilante option.
    Love your work there, but particularly the thought behind it (foot/mounted/mounted/foot) & the processes you have gone through to achieve this with that miniature. Looking forward to seeing a lot more of the same/similar from you in the future; After all there are few things in life better than cutting/dismembering stuff up with a sharp knife or even a saw.

    Take it easy.

    • Thank you :) I’ve been idly trying to plan a mounted version of their Sheriff model, made all the more interesting by his long coat which doesn’t seem to lend itself well to being on horseback…

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