Tactica Tuesday: Scout’s MVM loadout

One thing that always seems to be hotly debated is the choice of loadout in Team Fortress 2’s Mann vs Machine mode. I really enjoy jumping into MVM, and thought it’d be good to discuss what weapons I use and why.

MVM-ScoutAs in most (well, all :) ) TF2 game modes, Scout is my favourite class to run and I tend to go for a combo money collection / harrassment hybrid style of play. To facilitate this, I mostly stick with the regular Scattergun simply for the reliability. It’s strong, got a good clip size and can be upgraded without much investment to present a surprisingly lethal weapon. On occasions I might switch out to the Force-A-Nature – usually if we’re on a map like Coal Town and there’s no Pyro, so I can knock the bomb carrier down the hole to reset it if need be. Generally, though, I prefer the reliability of the Scattergun to get the job done. Since the latest update, I reckon Baby Face’s Blaster could be a good alternative, but I haven’t used it enough in MVM to really comment yet.

There’s really only one option for my secondary, and that’s my beloved Mad Milk. I know I mention this a lot and, to be honest, I’m taking a break from it in regular multiplayer right now in favour of the Crit-A-Cola (so much fun! :D ), but in MVM the Mad Milk is just so helpful. Apart from the healing, I think it is imperative to upgrade it to slow down robots – this is actually the first upgrade I’ll purchase whenever I join an MVM server. MVM is even more team-oriented than usual, and this upgrade just makes the milk so useful in so many situations. It’s great for slowing down scoutbots (especially Major League ones), for coating giant bots so your Heavy / Soldier / etc can take them on without any worries, and for hitting Sentry Busters with so it can be taken down before it reaches the Engineer’s sentry. For me, at least, the other secondaries just don’t match up – there’s no point in the Crit-A-Cola when you’ve got canteens, the Bonk! is a bit useless given the cash overheal you’ll inevitably have, and the pistols just don’t match the Scattergun for damage especially as you can upgrade your reload speed.

Finally, when it comes down to the melee I like both the Fan O War and the Sandman. The Sandman’s -15 health attribute doesn’t really matter too much given the crazy-high overheal you’ll inevitably pick up, and the ability to stun and mark bots for death at the same time is pretty nice. However, I actually prefer the Fan O War – simply because it matches the up-close playstyle I have. The Sandman requires you to have a fair distance in between yourself and the target bot for the stun effect to have any use, while the Fan O War only requires that you’re up close – which I generally am, what with the short-range primary and the running around collecting cash. Just like the Mad Milk, this weapon helps out your team, and is especially good against giant robots.

As mentioned, I combo money collection with harrassment. Primarily I’ll focus on the money, upgrading my movement speed to dask around and collect every last dollar, but I also find Scout’s high speed and damage makes him perfect to chase down any Scoutbots who break through and generally harrass the ‘bots. It’s best to stick near the rest of the team since that’s where the majoity of credits will be dropping, and it’s also where the Mad Milk and Fan ‘o’ War will be the most helpful. Of course, the Scattergun can be upgraded to be pretty lethal and, since the money overheal will help keep you safe, I quite like going for the upgrades and eventually one-shotting anything bar a Heavybot or giant robot :)

Unfortunately I simply haven’t had the time to make an MVM video – they’re so much longer to record and upload – but I will try and get one done in the new year. For now, if you haven’t watched my previous TF2 videos you can see them all here:


I was going to include my soldier loadout in this post as well, but as the discussion on Scout’s ended up being longer than I expected I thought I’d leave it for now, as no doubt I’ll be doing a post on Soldier soon! Leave a comment letting me know what you like to use in MVM, and hope to see you next time :)

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