One year on

Today’s the 1-year anniversary of! It doesn’t seem like a year, which I’m sure is something everyone says and I’ll no doubt say again when I do the next milestone post. It’s been a year of ups and downs, but thank you all for sticking with this blog through the downs earlier this year. I really do enjoy writing posts and reading people’s comments, so here’s to another year onwards :)

Rather than just ramble on, I thought this would be a good time to put up the latest pictures of my Legends of the Old West posse. It’s certainly grown in the time I’ve been playing, and that’s one of the great appeals of skirmish games to me – the personal aspect of seeing your models grow, advance and devlop as they fight. A lot’s changed since the posse originally formed – both Deputies are now mounted, and have been joined by a U.S Marshal (also now mounted).

IMGP1028From left to right: Upstanding citizen Bill Waters, upstanding citizen Adam Romnety, U.S Marshal Conor Coburn, Deputy Alistair McOwen, Sheriff James Conagher, Deputy Mark Reynolds, and vigilante William Harson. I’m also about to hire a Pugilist, so he’ll be joining the group soon!

IMGP1031My mounted Marshal conversion. I actually ended up just using the one model, spending an enjoyable hour slowly bending his legs in hot water and filing away at the inside until he fitted neatly on the horse. He is up at the top of my painting priority list, so as soon as my spray paint arrives in the post he’ll be painted up to match his non-mounted counterpart.

As ever, thank you for reading! Just one final point before I sign off – I’ve got my hundredth post here coming up soon and have been contemplating the idea of a little giveaway – TF2 keys, a model or something similar – so if you like the idea of this let me know so I can gauge whether to do it or not :)

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