Tactica Tuesday: Gotta move that gear up! Heavy weapons in Necromunda

Despite the deceptive TF2 Engineer quote as a title, this Tuesday I wanted to talk about the conundrum of heavy weapons in Necromunda. Despite having serious levels of firepower and the potential for untold carnage, heavy weapons aren’t always as slick as they seem and there are certainly times when I, for one, prefer the humble lasgun(!).

Heavy weapons can be some of the most devastating weapons – even the humble heavy stubber puts out 2D3 shots whenever it fires! Since these can be distributed onto models standing near the target, this makes sustained fire weapons ideal for clearing out pockets or dealing with large numbers of enemy models. You don’t have the risk of getting in close like you do with a flamethrower, and the ability to put down multiple models in one volley is not to be sniffed at. Alternatively, of course, as the campaign develops heavy weapons make ideal solutions to those models who are lucky enough to roll +1 wound as an advance. Finally, most heavy weapons boast a high strength, making it very easy to wound most models and increasing their effectiveness at blitzing anything in their path.


A combination of cover and high ground is ideal for heavies.

However, the wielder can’t fire if s/he’s moved at all, severely limiting the maneouverability. Since most sane opponents won’t conveniently walk into your fire lane, your heavy will inevitably have to walk your heavy into position, exposing him for a turn to incoming fire from other gangs before s/he can open up. Additionally, even turning a model counts as ‘moving’ by the letter of the law / rules, making positioning a very important part of a heavy weapons model.

Hiding heavy weapons operators in cover can help to mitigate incoming shots; since the cover modifier stacks on the to hit roll, a good size chunk of cover can prevent the model from being pinned. Finally, the target priority rules can also help to keep heavies standing long enough to actually use their weapon – I tend to usually have a ‘bodyguard’ of two men with my heavy to protect him and take the hits if necessary!

Do you like heavy weapons in Necromunda, or do you find them to be more of a hassle than a help? Leave a comment with your thoughts, it’d be great to hear from you :)

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2 thoughts on “Tactica Tuesday: Gotta move that gear up! Heavy weapons in Necromunda

  1. Do like these weapons & for me the “heavy stubber” is the weapon(s) of choice. Yes, movement is somewhat limited, so I tend to look for a suitable position based on fire arcs/range & cover. They should be able to cover the early advances of the rest of the gang. Now if your rolls are kind you should be in a position to dole out some hate on the opposition. Kind, as we all dread the ammo rolls, which can reduce a game winning weapon, which chews up other gang members & spits them out in no time, to a lot of pv’s worth of useless scrap metal!!
    Without going into too much detail, accessorise with these weapons. Armourer (skills) extra ammo loadouts (equipment) can go some of the way to negate these. Also sights (equipment) may pep up the chances of successful hits. The feared mighty heavy bolter (as all bolt weapons in Necromunda) is a little “ammo hungry” & benefits more from any pluses gained in loadouts (all in the ammo rolls here). Be on the lookout (send out the gangers to all the markets in the Underhive & scour those bazaars/markets).The way to do this is to keep related stuff in your weapons stash (get a kind of bottom draw thing going on). It is a labour of love & may take a number of terns/pv’s to acquire both relevant equipment & skills to do this/make it viable. If whilst you are acquiring this gubbins, your heavy goes up a BS or someone gets armourer, all the better. Anything you can acquire to negate those nasty ammo rolls is well worth it & best deployed with ammo hungry heavy weapons. That’s my ten penneth anyway.

    Take it easy


    • I completely agree, especially on ammo rolls – even though my gang’s got two weaponsmiths and an armourer, I still dread them! Nothing worse than getting a heavy in place only to roll snake eyes for sustained fire and run out of ammo :P

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