[LotOW] Black Scorpion Miniatures

I just wanted to do a quick post as I’ve received my latest order from the fantastic Black Scorpion Miniatures :)


Yes, the love hearts did come with the order! :)

I love these guys – all of the Legends figures I’ve shown on my blog have been from them, and are just gorgeous sculpts that my painting and photography doesn’t do justice to. They’re also incredibly nice guys when I’ve emailed them, helping recommend which figures to use in conversions and the like. They’re definitely one of the nicest independent wargaming companies I’ve come across, and it’s high time they got a proper mention here and a recommendation from me :)

This order’s got all the parts I need to make my mounted version of Marshal Coburn, so expect to see WIP pictures of him soon! I also treated myself to some pirates to convert into a pugilist, and another set of Tombstone models – specifically, a very charismatic-looking preacher who I’m hoping to get painted soon in case our local Legends group does want to give an alternate zombie-themed version of Legends of the Old West a go. I’ve been enjoying a well-deserved day off from work, so having been to the gym this morning I think it’s time to crack on with some modelling!

Take care,



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