I’ve taken a bit of of a break regarding my painting recently, due in no small part to my recent orders for (more) Western figures from Black Scorpion Miniatures and the stunning new Seamus model for Malifaux from The Troll Trader – neither has arrived yet, and I’m so excited for both I haven’t been able to focus on my other models! So, with Halloween coming up, I’ve been repainting my middle-sized zombie horde for our wargaming club’s annual Halloween zombie bash and (potentially) some cowboy / zombie games. Ready to devour the flesh of the living, here they are…

IMGP1014IMGP1016IMGP1019IMGP1023I deliberately chose a quick and easy colour scheme for two reasons. Firstly, these models aren’t an ‘army’ and so don’t hold that same personal attachment to me – they’re simply around to be used as antagonists in themed scenarios, etc. Secondly, as I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned in a previous post, I don’t seem to have the dedication to paint large numbers of models anymore and so I didn’t want to spend too much time on these guys. The idea was to go for a coherent and simple colour scheme while having a little variation, and I’m happy with the result. In case you’re wondering, here’s how I did them:

1. Undercoat the model in matt black and paint the base in P3 Battlefield Brown.

2. Paint the skin in P3 Underbelly Blue and drybrush the base with P3 Hammerfall Khaki

3. Paint any metal in GW Boltgun Metal, and any bone in GW Dheneb Stone. Paint any exposed guts in GW Mechrite Red, and liberally smear hands / mouths as you see fit in the same way!

4. Wash the skin. For a bit of variety, I alternated between GW Hormagaunt Purple, Nuln Oil, Guilliman Blue and Army Painter Fleshtone Shade.

5. Pick out the eyes (if the model even has any!) in Army Painter Matt White.

Finally, I’ve been thinking over how zombies would work in Legends of the Old West – as you might guess, this idea has really interested me! I’ve had a couple of rough scenario ideas I’m trying to straighten out, but for now here’s a sample profile of how I imagine a zombie to appear in Legends (George Romero style, not 28 Days Later style):

S   F   St   G   A   W   P
–    2    3    4    1    1    8
Weapons: None
Skills: Pugilist, Shambling (zombies ignore movement penalties for difficult terrain)

The Pugilist skill is just so they’re not penalized for being unarmed – I’m working by the typical zombie clichés here, and none of the zombies I’ve seen on screen seem to suffer for their lack of weapons! Anyway, this is still very much just something I’m thinking of in spare moments rather than a serious attempt, so any input is always appreciated :)

In the more immediate future my undead will be appearing in our annual Halloween game as mentioned, so I’ll no doubt write a little report of how that all goes. I’m still not sure what to take – an Inquisitor and his retinue would be good fun, but I’d like to break out the shotgun-armed Scouts I bought specially last year…

On that note, I’ve just realised that I’ve been writing this for nearly a year – while scrolling back to find the link to my Scouts, I saw my first post back on 25th October 2012! I’ll have to remember to do a ‘one year on’ post.

Take care,



3 thoughts on “Braaains….

  1. Hi Ben,
    The LOTOW stats/abilities are totally brilliant! They look like they would work really well/I am very interested in trying this perhaps with a small scale scenario to assess how it goes. I have a hundred (GW) zombies, with another hundred WW2 British & German (Westwind/Mantic).
    On another note, if in the mood (avant garde) repeat the above painting process, omitting black undercoat & replace with scorched brown. I think you may find the result more pleasing & highlighting more clear.

    Take it easy.


    • Cheers Barry, I’d certainly be up for working out some rules with yourself and giving it a go sometime if everyone’s up for it :) I’ve run out of zombies to paint now, but I’m really tempted by Mantic’s plastic kit so will give the scorched brown a go if I get round to buying some!

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